Smart Wireless Battery Charging With Charge Monitor Project

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Product Description

what is the project about?

Nikolas tesla was the father of wireless power transmission. To break this stereotype and to transfer power wirelessly without the use of copper cables or other commonly used wires, a smart wireless battery charging system has been proposed. This system also allows the battery to be charged 100% by using the power transferred. This power generated and transferred is used to charge only small range devices like rechargeable batteries etc.

How it works?

This system has an electronic circuit that helps to convert AC Power of 230V 50Hz to AC 12V. This converted power of high frequency is then given to the primary coil if the air core transformer. 12V high frequency is developed in the secondary coil of the transformer. This system makes use of an AVR microcontroller to monitor the charge In The battery and charges it to a 100% capacity. This the power from the primary coil will be transferred to that of the secondary coil. The primary coil acts as the power source while the secondary coil receives the power to run the load. The distance between the primary and secondary coil is of 4cm which can be incremented by increasing the coil size. Thus this smart system is the solution to charge vehicles using a wireless system.

Hardware Specifications

•         At mega 328 Microcontroller

•         12V Transformer

•         Regulator

•         LCD Display

•         Copper Coils

•         High Frequency Transformer

•         Resistors

•         Capacitors

•         Diodes

Software Specifications

•         Arduino Compiler

1•         MC Programming Language: C