Remote Stepper Motor Controller System

Remote Stepper Motor Controller System

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Product Description

What is the project?

Stepper cars are quite one of a kind from DC motors given that they’ve the capacity to break down a complete rotation to small steps. It allows consumer to govern the rotation perspective of motor with precision.

How it works?

Dc vehicles rotate whilst we observe terminal voltage. Stepper vehicles are built with electromagnets with every having a different alignment. When anelectromagnet is powered the tools are aligned as in step with that electromagnet. When the following electromagnet is powered the gear, tooth get aligned to that precise electromagnet. This permits for mild managed rotation as per the electromagnets charged. Thus, we get angular motion of the tools as and when needed. Now this movement can be managed the usage of a microcontroller and the input to microcontroller can be supplied remotely.

Hardware Specifications

  • 8051 series Microcontroller
  • Diodes
  • RF Transmitter & Receiver
  • Push Button
  • Stepper motor
  • Resistors
  • Capacitors
  • LCD
  • Transformer

Software Specifications

  • Keli ┬ÁVision IDE
  • MC Programming Language: Embedded C