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IOT Liquid Level Monitoring System

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Product Description

What is the project about?

An innovative system to monitor the level of water and to prevent it from overflowing is the IOT liquid level monitoring system. This system helps to conserve water without wasting it unnecessarily.

How it works?

This system has ultrasonic sensors which detects the liquid level. This system function works with the help of an AVR microcontroller, Wi-Fi modem and a buzzer.  A Wi-Fi modem is attached to container system to send and receive the data point the necessary website, while a buzzer helps to signal once the water level in the container is full. The power source for this system comes from 12V transformer. The customised website will receive information on the water level. A colour coordinated system helps know the level of water in the container. Thus, this proposed system helps to conserve water by graphically monitoring the water level using a web development program.

Hardware Specifications

•         At mega 328 microcontrollers

•         Wi-Fi___33 Modem

•         Resistors

•         Capacitors

•         12V transformer

•         Ultrasonic sensors

•         Diodes

•         LED’s

•         LCD Display

Software Specifications

•         Arduino Compiler

•         MC Programming Language: Embedded C

•         IOT Gecko