IOT Irrigation Monitoring & Controller System

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Product Description

a7what is the project?

Farmers use large areas of land for cultivation. It is nearly impossible to maintain the whole area by one person. Waterlogging can occur at one place while in another area the plants can be dried out due to less water supply creating huge loss for the farmers. To solve all these issues of farmers an innovative system known as IOT irrigation monitoring and controller system is proposed. IOT known as internet of things is a mechanism where the system is connected over wireless connection and is operated from a remote location. Using this technology, the user can control the amount of water being supplied to the plants from far away location.

How the project works?

This system uses an Arduino Uno board to connect with the website and to send the signals. The website has two major criteria namely the motor status and the moisture level. The moisture level of the soil is detected using a moisture sensor and is updated on the website. The user can then alter the moisture level by adjusting the water supply level to the area from a remote location. This project works on an easy ON/OFF principle. The water pump is turned ON and OFF by toggling between both the options limiting the water supply to the area and controlling the moisture level. Thus, helping the farmers from Incurring huge debt and loss from waterlogged plants. This system is available for smaller areas like gardens to maintain the water supply for the plants by monitoring the moisture content of the soil.

Hardware Specifications

  • Rectifier
  • Regulator
  • LCD Display
  • Power Supply
  • Wifi Modem
  • Water Pump
  • Soil Moisture Sensor
  • Arduino Uno
Software Specifications

  • Arduino Compiler
  • MC Programming Language: C
  • IOT Gecko