induction motor speed and direction

Induction Motor Speed & Direction Controller

Product Description

What is the project?

The induction motor is an important part of most domestic and industrial machinery. The important aspect of this motor is that it can operate in two different directions. A speed control mechanism is required to operate this motor. Thereby giving the rise to an Induction Motor speed and Direction controlling project which helps to monitor the speed and direction of the motor.
Inductor motor is basically an AC motor. The RPM of the motor depends on the power given to it as in the speed of the induction motor can be varied by varying the power given to the AC circuit.

How does it work?

The induction motor works with the help of an Atmega microcontroller. This microcontroller provides PWM power to the optocoupler to start the TRIAC to give power supply to the induction motor.
A cell phone connection is required to send instructions to the microcontroller for initiating its process. The mobile network provides understandable DTMF signals to the induction motor speed and direction controller system to proceed with the necessary actions. As seen in the demo video, the operations to change the speed and direction is done using a button attached to the whole system. The ongoing process can be observed on the LCD screen. Thus, this enchanting system is very useful in controlling the speed and direction of the induction motor.

Hardware Specifications

  • Transformer
  • Rectifier
  • Regulator
  • LCD
  • DTMF Decoder
  • Atmega Microcontroller
  • Motor
Software Specifications

  • Arduino Compiler
  • Programming Language: C