Hybrid Inverter with Solar Battery Charging

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Product Description

what is the project?

Power cuts have become so common nowadays. To beat the power cut problem inverters are used for domestic and industrial purposes. But when heavy load appliances are used, the battery dies out completely. To overcome this problem a hybrid inverter with solar battery charger is proposed. Solar power keeps the battery charged all the time without draining out.

How it works?

This hybrid inverter generates up to 110V AC charged with 12V battery with a circuit that drives the inverter with a heavy load transformer. This inverter is capable of being charged by two battery source. Initially the inverter is charged with the main power supply. If the battery is charged then the power will be given to the load to compensate for power loss. Solar power supply will then backup the battery when the power keeps reducing. Additional surplus power is loaded to the battery using solar panels. Thus, this hybrid inverter with solar battery will provide long co tenuous power supply during power cut times. Time to say adios to power cut

Hardware Specifications

  • Setup Transformer
  • Relay
  • Load
  • 12V Battery
  • DC Inverter
  • Charger
  • 12V Solar Panel
  • Resistors
  • Capacitors