GPS Vehicle Tracking & Theft Detection

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Product Description

What is the project?

A system to help teach the location of the vehicle at all times has been proposed. This vehicle tracking and theft detection system with use of GPS  technology helps to track the vehicle in case of theft. This system is very useful for travel agencies and transport operators to monitor the movement of the vehicles all the time.

How it works?

The system works with the help of a microcontroller system. When theft has occurred and the vehicle moves into the theft mode, the authorized accessible person will send a Command via message to to immediately stop the vehicle engine just by typing the keyword “S”. The GPS helps track the location of the vehicle. The latitudinal and longitudinal location of the vehicle will then be sent as a message to the authorized owner. With this message, the user will be able to locate his lost vehicle using google maps. Thus this smart system helps in tracking vehicles very easily with just the touch of few buttons.

Hardware Specifications

•         GSM Modem

•         GPS Module

•         LCD Display

•         Atmega328 Controller

•         DC Motor

•         LED’s

•         Resistors

•         Capacitors

•         Diodes

Software Specifications

•         Arduino Compiler11

•         MC Programming Language: C