Fire & Gas Accident Avoider System

Fire & Gas Accident Avoider System

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Product Description

26what is the project?

Loss of life due to gas leak fire accidents happen in most household. To help overcome this issue a fire and gas accident avoider system has been proposed which detects gas leakages and does the necessary to prevent fire accidents.

How it works?

This system mainly works with the help of sensors which detect gas leakage or fire. In Case of gas leakage, this proposed system will immediately stop the gas supply. An exhaust fan is present to spread out all the leaked gas from the location. Fire sensors are present to detect the presence of fire and immediately stop the gas supply preventing fire and an explosion. Immediately after the sensors have functioned, the exhaust fan will be switched on to spread and suck the fire and gas to help the person stuck to see clearly through the smoke and escape safely. This fire and gas accident avoider system also sends a SMS to the authorized person with the help of GSM technology to call for help or to take the necessary action if close by.

Hardware Specifications

  • Atmega 328 Microcontroller
  • Transformer
  • LCD Display
  • Gas Valve Motor
  • Exhaust Fan
  • GSM Modem
  • Resistors
  • Capacitors
  • Diodes
Software Specifications

  • Arduino Complier
  • MC Programming Language: C