Automated Car Parking with Empty Slot Detection

Automated Car Parking with Empty Slot Detection

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Product Description

*what is the project?

Car parking in malls and other areas is a very difficult task. To overcome this an automated car Parking with empty slot detection.

How it works?

This system works with the help of a microcontroller. It has IR sensors ,motors and an LCD screen to assist in its functioning. The IR sensors helps detect if the parking slot is free or full. Motors help to park the car automatically in the empty slot. The LCD display is used to display if the parking slot is empty or full. If the parking area is free it will be displayed on the screen. IR sensors help to detect the vehicles arriving at the parking gates, to open the gates automatically for parking. The entire function of this system is done with the help of the microcontroller.

Hardware Specifications

•         At mega 328 Microcontroller

•         LCD Display

•         IR Sensors

•         Motors

•         Transformer

•         Resistors

•         Capacitors

•         Diodes

Software Specifications

•         Arduino Compiler

12 •         MC Programming Language: C